Early Risers Congregate at Polls in Vienna

Early Risers Congregate at Polls in Vienna

Precinct captain sees ‘a lot of energy’ in early voting.

Voters registered in Virginia’s 204th and 218th precinct descended upon Madison High School early Tuesday to cast their votes in the 2018 election.

According to the Virginia State Board of elections, a total of 3,428 registered voters from the two precincts have the chance to take part. Along with a referendum on Public Safety Bonds, voters were able to cast their preferences on on one of Virginia’s Senate seats, as well as the U. S. Representative for Virginia’s 11th Congressional District.

“I’m a precinct captain,” said Dr. Gerry Poje, “So I’ve visited here through several different election cycles, and compared to previous midterm elections where the candidates are for federal office, this is higher. There’s a lot of energy among the people.”

“I did the polling place at North County Government Center when we opened early voting,” said Poje, “and there were lines outside of that government center. I think many of us are perceiving there’s a new surge of energy for people turning out to vote.”

“Last election,” said Deborah Roney, an election worker for the 204th, “they gave us five workers, this election they’ve given us nine so obviously they think [turnout] is going to be higher.”

Madison High School is just one total of the 243 different precincts for the 702,792 active registered voters in Fairfax County during an election that has seemingly mobilized citizens.