Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Growth in Trafficking

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Growth in Trafficking

Reading Vincent Fusaro’s “Working to Stop Human Trafficking,” I was reminded of the speakers and required activities I was required to attend in school regarding the human trafficking problems in Fairfax County.

I have grown up knowing this information, and have not taken much time to really think about it. I think to understand the issue and better know what we can do to solve it, it is important to step back from the individuals involved and look at the problem as a whole. Why is this happening, and why is it happening here? Are there patterns? What is it about Fairfax County and Northern Virginia that allow for this abundance of human trafficking?

In a global sense, the United States in not one of the top countries in regard to human trafficking. That being said, some countries have lessened their numbers of human trafficking, while the numbers seem to be growing in the United States. I am glad to see that my own community is taking a stand for change, and I hope to see these efforts grow and succeed.

Jenny Marty


Freshman at James Madison University