Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Public Problem

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Public Problem

After reading the article titled, “Working To Stop Human Trafficking,” [Centre View, Nov. 14] I was shocked to learn how quickly someone can be cornered and taken for human trafficking. I’ve heard of missing people in the area but never had assumed that they were taken to be sex trafficked.

I read recently that China is one of the most prominent countries when it comes to human trafficking with over 20 million people being trafficked and then sold elsewhere. 125 people annually from Northern Virginia is nowhere close to the 20 million but it is still enough that I believe people should be talking about it more rather than putting on metaphorical blinders since it does not occur to everyone.

I have never turned on the news to be confronted about the sex trafficking happening in our area when in reality, I should be hit head-on with this issue. This is a public problem that people should be banding together to help prevent, not sitting back and watching it happen.

Madalynn Eger


Freshman at James Madison University