Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Comstock’s Tax Cut 2.0

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Comstock’s Tax Cut 2.0

Donald Trump’s major tax cut for the uber-wealthy and big corporations isn’t even a year old yet but the Trump Administration decided Sept. 28 was the right time to vote on a second tax cut bill in the House. This is the same Administration which has done nothing to shore up our failing infrastructure and has looked the other way as 72,000 Americans died last year of opioid addiction.

The first tax cut law had no hearings and no benefit of expert testimony. The same was true for last Friday’s vote in the House. A mere 18 days after the bill was introduced, it passed the House. Barbara Comstock voted for it. Her vote is not touted on her congressional website, her twitter account, or her campaign site. There is no press release applauding the bill’s advantages. No surprise there.

Comstock talks a good line about supporting hard-working families in VA-10. When push comes to shove, however, she is silent about adding an additional $3 trillion in national debt to the first law’s $2.3 trillion debt. She doesn’t explain to constituents why she voted to make permanent the $10,000 cap on their individual state and local tax deductions. Rich people got their tax cuts. Good people are left to fend for themselves about rising health care premiums and the likelihood of deeply compromised Social Security and Medicare payments in the future.

Roxaneh Chamlou