Spring Eggstravaganza on Lake Anne Plaza

Spring Eggstravaganza on Lake Anne Plaza

On Saturday, April 20, a variety of festivities to celebrate spring, Easter and warm weather will be held at Lake Anne Plaza. For all believers, the Easter Bunny will arrive in true Lake Anne Fashion — by pontoon boat. Bring the kids and turn the phone to video to capture bunny hugs, egg dyeing, egg relays and face painting. Plus, Peeps are the new Pokémon Go and will be seen around the lake and on social media in clever photos. Stop by Chesapeake Chocolates, Wine, Gifts, and More to pick up your Peeps for photo-taking fun. Spring Eggstravaganza at Lake Anne is provided by the Lake Anne Merchants and Professionals Committee.

Spring Eggstravaganza will be held on Saturday, April 20, 2019, at Lake Anne Plaza (Waterfront) – 1609 Washington Plaza, Reston.

For more information, visit: www.lakeanneplaza.com