Reston’s Eggnormous Egg Hunt

Reston’s Eggnormous Egg Hunt

Reston Community Center produces its annual spring tradition.

Children bolt to gather up the candy-filled plastic eggs at the 2019 Eggnormous Egg Hunt.

Children bolt to gather up the candy-filled plastic eggs at the 2019 Eggnormous Egg Hunt. Photo by Mercia Hobson.


Solomon Fausett, 3 of Reston, and his sister Isabella, 1, gather candy-filled eggs at the 2019 Eggnormous Egg Hunt.


Conjuror Eric Henning performs magical illusions for children, parents and grandparents before the start of Reston Community Center's 2019 Eggnormous Egg Hunt.

Nothing could stop the eager hunters and gatherers from arriving early Saturday morning for the Eggnormous Egg Hunt in Reston. An annual spring tradition, the free event attracted hundreds of families including some adults who recalled coming there as children themselves and now, as parents, bringing their children.

"We are thrilled to offer the annual spring tradition to the Reston community year after year. This popular event brings hundreds of families together for some outdoor fun," said BeBe Nguyen, Reston Community Center.

Srinidhi Deekonda, 14, of Herndon, volunteered at the egg hunt. He and others emptied large plastic bags of candy-filled plastic eggs, scattering them across the fields. "I really enjoy volunteering for Reston Community Center," Deekonda said.

While the RCC staff and volunteers continued to work, and the clock ticked toward the egg hunt start time of 10:30 a.m. sharp, families enjoyed the old-fashioned magic and elegant style of conjuror Eric Henning. “It’s wonderful to be able to do the magic out here, up close where it’s really amazing,” said Henning. Multiple moon bounces and games also kept the children entertained.

"Easter egg hunting is one of my children's favorite activities," said Esther Fausett of Reston who brought her son Solomon, 3, and daughter Isabella, 1. Fausett stood with them at the roped-off section for younger children. RCC had divided the field by age groups, guaranteeing even the tiniest, toddling of gatherers got a share of the loot without older competition. "This event gives the kids an opportunity for us parents who work," said Lorena Roldan of Reston who brought her daughters, Alice and Briana, 5.

At 10:30 sharp, the horn sounded. Children swarmed the multiple sections holding tight to their baskets and bags. They quickly scooped up the eggs, hopping about the field like bunnies themselves. In a matter of minutes, all the pastel-colored eggs were gone. However, RCC kept a stash of extras for late arrivals so that no child would be disappointed.

"A big thank you to our host, Sunrise Valley Elementary School and all our volunteers who worked very hard to make this year’s Eggnormous Egg Hunt a success,” said Nguyen.