Final Alexandria Budget Tweaking

Final Alexandria Budget Tweaking

Council finalizes proposed adjustments for May 1 final budget vote.

In adopting the FY 2020 budget on May 1, City Council will vote on 15 proposed adjustments to City Manager Mark Jinks’ operating budget and 10-year Capital Improvement Program.

Jinks proposed a $761 million general fund operating budget and $1.6 billion 10-year Capital Improvement Program in February. Since that time, council has debated its finer points. Departmental staff have also updated their revenue forecasts and made some technical adjustments, yielding a net additional $233,000 for council to decide what to do with.

Around this time each year, in what’s called the addition-and-deletion — “add/delete,” for short — individual council members submit how they’d like to adjust the city manager’s proposal. Two other council members must co-sponsor an submitted addition or deletion in order for it to become eligible for a final vote. This year, council members offered up 15 potential adjustments, all of them attaining to necessary co-sponsorship threshold.

No council member’s proposal represents more than half-a-percent change in magnitude over Jinks’ original proposed general fund budget.

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