Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Stop Infighting

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Stop Infighting

I watched the second round of Democratic primary debates and really found it depressing to see Democrats so focused on attacking each other. I know that Will Rogers said “I don't belong to an organized political party. I'm a Democrat,” but given the current trajectory Democrats are on, we may end up with history repeating itself next year.

The sorry state of Democratic politics is that there are clearly too many Democratic candidates for president, all pulling money from each other and criticizing each other and their platforms — instead of focusing on a president who has consistently undermined our democratic principles.

All Americans concerned about the current state of our democracy should take heed and send a signal to Democratic elected officials and candidates warning that the Democratic Party needs to quit pulling itself apart over ideological differences, set their egos aside, and focus on changing the president in 2020. I want to stop seeing headlines such as the one in the Post that “Democrats pull no punches” and instead see the Democrats start pulling together, weeding out the field of candidates to a few and stop drawing money from each other. Please let’s focus on winning our country back to the democratic principles that we have had for more than 200 years by defeating President Trump in 2020.

Nancy Kegan Smith