Reston Community Center Survey in Final Stretch

Reston Community Center Survey in Final Stretch

Two surveys simultaneously underway in Reston.

Reston Community Center (RCC) has been working with the University of Virginia’s Center for Survey Research to conduct a comprehensive community survey of people’s expectations regarding Reston Community Center facilities, programs, services, funding and future planning. Topics in the survey cover how people have used Reston Community Center in the past and what they expect from the agency in the future, as well as how RCC can communicate as effectively as possible to a growing and changing Reston. In addition, the survey explores people’s feelings about a potential new performing arts facility that might be located near the Reston Town Center metro station. The survey will conclude on Aug. 31, 2019. Paper surveys are available at Reston Community Center Customer Service Desks at either the Hunters Woods or Lake Anne facilities and in other community locations. People may also participate online at Reston Community Center Survey through Aug. 31.

In an entirely separate endeavor, that was not coordinated with RCC, the Reston Association (RA) has engaged a firm called The Brand Consultancy to do a “brand and positioning study.” It includes outreach via email to select people in the community to participate in an online survey that launched on Wednesday, Aug. 21. There are areas of inquiry in the Reston Association effort that are similar to the Reston Community Center survey. The Brand Consultancy email did not immediately inform recipients that the survey is for Reston Association; it states only that the survey “is being conducted on behalf of a Reston VA organization." This may cause some confusion between the two surveys, which are completely independent.

Reston Community Center Board of Governors Chair Beverly Cosham notes, “We want to dispel the confusion these overlapping efforts are creating to the extent possible. Patrons have called and written to RCC to try to understand who is doing what survey. We are publicizing our survey completion timeframe and the distinction between the efforts to clarify what is happening.” The RCC Community Survey results will be made public after the UVa Center for Survey Research compiles and analyzes the data. The Board of Governors for RCC will use the information obtained to inform RCC’s five-year strategic plan development for 2022-26.

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