Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Importance Of Education

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Importance Of Education

Education is a basic and critical necessity which should be available to everyone. In order to be successful and happy, one needs to be educated so as to pursue a fulfilling career. It is an undeniable fact that education is more important for children because they are the future of the world and are the key to developing a thriving country and world.

Children are the foundation for building the nation with their knowledge. But to have this knowledge, kids need good teachers; and for teachers to be great educators, they need the right resources and be respected for their work. This is sadly not happening. Many teachers from Los Angeles to Denver have gone on strike because they are not being paid enough for their hard work. Their class sizes are too large for them to handle and they aren’t able to give enough quality attention to each student. As an American Muslim and a college student, this is greatly disappointing to me. Islam teaches that education is a requirement of my faith, and therefore, my teachers are to be respected. Prophet Muhammad said that seeking knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim man and woman. The Holy Qur’an also exhorts the followers to pray to God to increase our knowledge (20:115).

Teaching children is not easy. If they don’t get the right resources I worry that the next generation won’t be able to shape their own future. Will our country realize the importance of education and invest in our teachers before it’s too late?

Sabiha Basit