Coalition for a Planned Reston Praises Planning Commission

Coalition for a Planned Reston Praises Planning Commission

The Coalition for a Planned Reston (CPR) – in a statement issued on Feb. 14 – said it appreciates the thoroughness and thoughtfulness with which the Fairfax County Planning Commission has dealt with the proposal to raise the population cap of Reston’s Planned Residential Community (PRC.)

“CPR leadership is pleased with the Planning Commission’s determination that several of CPR's core positions are valid and in the best interest of the community.


  • The Commission voted unanimously to recommend the Board of Supervisors reject the proposed density increase (and keep the cap at 13);
  • The Commission reaffirmed the need to link zoning to the Comprehensive Plan; and
  • The Commission encouraged the formation of a Task Force to work on these issues with appropriate independent citizen participation.

All of this has been accomplished by the involvement and action of thousands of Restonians and Reston well-wishers who have written letters, made phone calls, attended meetings, spoken to officials and helped CPR raise awareness in the community. This was the decisive factor in achieving this result.

While we are pleased with the Planning Commission's considered decisions, we note that this is not the end of attempts to diminish the uniqueness of Reston. The matter now goes to the Board of Supervisors who have the final say. While we believe the Supervisors should accept the Commissioners' recommendations, they have no obligation to do so. The proposal on the density increase is on the calendar for Supervisors' meeting of March 5. We thus will continue to work to inform all the Supervisors about this issue and the destructive impact it would have if passed.

Further, if the proposal to create a new Task Force is approved, a great deal of work will need to be done to ensure citizens' voices are heard and that the guiding principles of Reston are not pushed aside for short-term, self-interested gain.

CPR wishes to thank everyone who pitched in to preserve a functioning planned Reston. Please stay alert and informed. Your continued passion is needed,” the statement said.