Opinion: Letter to the Editor: History’s Judgment?

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: History’s Judgment?

Last week I was pleased to read the letter written by Frank Fannon regarding the hysteria expressed over removing the recognition of a former Mayor Col. John Fitzgerald because he was a slave owner. Then later in the week the alleged black face minstrel incident many years ago by the Virginia governor which also the attorney general was later identified as a participant in bringing such outrage and condemnation by the current community.

I, like Frank Fannon, do not condone such incidents but where is the outrage from the legislative proposal by Kathy Tran, a Democratic delegate in nearby Springfield, who introduced a bill to legalize late term abortion?

Then our esteemed governor went on television and as a pediatric physician explained how such action would work. He explained how the baby could even be born and carefully wrapped in a warm blanket while the doctor and the mother decide whether and how, if desired, to end the life of the baby.

Evidently "Thou shalt not kill" doesn't apply to unwanted born or unborn babies.

Thank you Frank Fannon for bringing up this issue. Sure wish we could hear a voice from politicians, religious leaders, family members, and friends that wanted to raise the subject of protecting the unborn, who have no voice in our society.

God forgive us and have mercy on us for our complacency that has led us to acceptance.

Mr. Fannon is correct. A few generations from now, Americans will look back on this dark period in American history that killed so many babies in the womb since 1973 with deep concern and profound regret.

Scott C. Humphrey