Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Thank You To Nonprofits

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Thank You To Nonprofits

We, like many Alexandria residents, try to give generously to Alexandria’s nonprofits. Most organizations send us thank you letters for our support.

We appreciate these letters, or phone calls, particularly if they relate, in enthusiastic, passionate ways, the impact of our gifts in real, human terms How the organization is using this money to make lives better in a specific way. And, in so doing, make Alexandria an even better place to live so that all our residents are able to lead good lives.

But the thank you also needs to go the other way — from donors to our nonprofits. Thank you, Alexandria nonprofits, for being our arms and legs to change the world. While you cannot make lives better without our support, we also can’t reach our hopes and dreams of making the world, and specifically Alexandria, a better place without you, on the ground, doing the hard work of creating and implementing programs that help people in their daily lives.

Our heartfelt thank you to all Alexandria’s nonprofits for helping us change the world!

Louise and Mike Kenny