Flash Floods, Water Rescue, Damaged Roads

Flash Floods, Water Rescue, Damaged Roads

MoCo Fire and Rescue saved more than 20 people from cars stranded in rising water.

An intense rainstorm dumped several inches of rain in just a couple of hours on Monday morning, July 8, resulting in a quick rise of the Potomac


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Flood waters following the downpour.

River to nearly six-and-a-half feet from three-and-three quarters feet. Flash floods, downed trees, damaged roads, and rising water led to about 250 calls for service in just three hours for Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service.

“This morning there were about 40-50 calls for service in 3 hours (7:30-10:30 a.m.). In 15-20 incidents, Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service rescued more than 25 people, mostly from cars,” said Pete Piringer, spokesman for the service.

Some of the most serious incidents were in the Potomac area. Notable water rescues, Piringer said, happened at the Clara Barton Parkway at the Beltway, where five cars were caught in swift water, and occupants had to be removed from the cars by boat before some cars were swept away.

About 40 homes off Belfast Road, off MacArthur Boulevard in the Woodrock neighborhood, were cut off when a 65-inch culvert failed, causing a massive break in the road, with no other means of driving out. Montgomery County Department of Transportation was working to fix the roadway, and tweeted that work would continue through the night. A temporary fix was in place within hours.

Falls Road just south of Potomac Village was also washed out, reported Barbara Hoover.

In River Falls neighborhood nearby, Piringer recorded a video describing cars that had been underwater, and houses with basements “completely filled with water.”

In the area around Tuckerman Lane and Post Oak Drive, several people were rescued from in or on top of their vehicles.

A tree blocked the MacArthur Boulevard entrance to the C&O Canal National Historical Park at Great Falls Tavern visitor center, and high water swamped the entrance gate at the bottom of the hill. Other access roads to the park were flooded as well.

All of this was approximately between 9-10 a.m., via Pete Piringer @mcfrsPIO

Traffic advisory – portions of Clara Barton Parkway closed

Water Rescue - Brickyard Road and Coach Street, several vehicles in Highwater w/ powerlines down in water

Water Rescue - 8400 Crimson Leaf Court, Potomac, vehicle and Highwater

Water rescue - 10300 Oaklyn Dr. near Potomac Station Lane, vehicle in Highwater

Bradley Boulevard & Goldsboro Road, water rescue

Traffic Advisory - Little Falls Parkway closed

Traffic Advisory - Goldsboro Road between River Road and MacArthur Boulevard, several vehicles in high water

Traffic Advisory - Goldsboro Road between River Road and MacArthur Boulevard, several vehicles in high water

7021 Wilson Ln. tBraeburn Place, house struck by lightning

Water rescue – 6400 Goldsboro Rd., vehicles in high water

Water rescue - 9400 Falls Bridge Ln., Potomac

Partnership Road and River Road, Walter rescue, vehicle in high water

Water rescue – 10300 Logan Dr. near Falls Bridge Lane, Potomac, person on roof of car in high water

9800 Clydesdale Street near Hall road, Potomac, house flooded, wall collapsed caused by mudslide, no injuries, all occupants are out

Water rescue - Brickyard Road and Coach Street, Potomac, vehicle in Highwater

Water rescue – 8500 MacArthur Boulevard near Clara Barton Parkway, vehicle in high water

Water Rescue - Tuckerman Lane near Post Oak Drive, Potomac, Road CLOSED, several people removed from vehicles

MORE ON BELFAST: A washed out section of Belfast Road in Potomac during the heavy rains of Monday morning, July 8, was restored within eight hours with a temporary repair that gave more than 70 families access to their homes. The Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) has now developed a plan to permanently repair the only roadway to that neighborhood, but work will result in the road being closed at 10 a.m. on Thursday and not being reopened for approximately 48 hours.

During the closure period, MCDOT will provide a shuttle service that will take residents to nearby stores and to public transportation. MCDOT employees today were providing information to the affected families on the repair process, the need to close the road and how the shuttle operation will work.

MCDOT is also coordinating with the Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service, the U.S. Postal Service, Montgomery County Public Schools and other stakeholders on what plans need to be in place to help the residents during the period the road will be closed.

About 11 a.m. on Monday, the overwhelming rains caused the structural failure of the two-lane road between Laurel Leaf Drive and Whiterim Terrace, just east of MacArthur Boulevard. A stream runs beneath Belfast Road, which led to the failure. A path approximately 10 feet wide was washed away across both lanes. MCDOT was at the scene quickly to assess the damage and begin the temporary repairs that had both lanes passable by 6:30 p.m. Monday evening.

Information about the project can be directed to MCDOT Highway Services Public Outreach Manager Josh Faust at 240-777-7642.