Opinion: Letter to the Editor: To Fight Darkness

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: To Fight Darkness

We are deeply saddened by the massacre of our Muslim neighbors. The murders this past week of children, women and men in Christchurch, New Zealand, is an awful painful repeat of the attacks that have taken place around the world and in our own community. This is a new reminder of the power of dark words to multiply in strength.

We pledge continued prayer for these victims, and for all in religious communities everywhere. We pray for all who are insecure in this most sacred and precious right, to worship God, and to work with others to share the peace, goodwill and care for others, that the Creator wants for all.

We pray that at this time, and always, we may stand together in determination that darkness and hate will not overwhelm faith, and that all faith communities will stand together. We have great respect for the long work for peace and reconciliation in our neighboring Muslim communities, and we pledge our support for this work.

We remember the words of our brother and prophet, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., himself a victim of hate crime:

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness;

Only light can do that

Hate cannot drive out hate;

Only love can do that,

Violence multiplies violence,

And toughness multiplies toughness.

In a descending spiral of destruction ….

The chain reaction of evil —

Hate begetting hate,

Wars producing more wars —

Must be broken,

Or we shall be plunged into the darkness of annihilation.”

We pray for strength from the One Creator who lifts the fallen and encourages the weak, to make us instruments for life and peace.

Members of Wellspring United Church of Christ