Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Missing Steven Mauren…

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Missing Steven Mauren…

A name is gone from the Gazette Packet masthead – Steve Mauren’s. Steve was editor-in-chief of Connection Newspapers since 1996. I will sincerely miss him at the GP. He did a splendid job for them and was a pleasure for me to work with. I particularly appreciated the little things he did – like letting me know he received something I sent. He never promised it would be published (though mostly it was), just that it was received. No other editor took the time to do that.

I haven’t heard anything about Steve’s future plans. Whatever they may be, I wish him happiness and thank him for his important role in making the GP a successful community newspaper and his part in helping me get my stories out. I hope our paths will cross again.

Nina Tisara

(Artist-Photographer Nina Tisara is the founder of Living Legends of Alexandria)

Editor’s note: No one misses Steven Mauren here at the Gazette Packet more than I do. He has returned to teaching.