Sully District Residents, Be Alert for Potential Burglars

Sully District Residents, Be Alert for Potential Burglars

During last Wednesday’s, Feb. 12 meeting of the Sully District Police Station’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC), residents were advised to be alert, lest they become victims of burglaries. Giving the station update was its assistant commander, Lt. Josh Laitinen.

“Between 4-10 p.m., there’s been an increase in residential burglaries along Stringfellow Road,” he said. “In addition, tools – such as leaf blowers, chainsaws, etc. – have been taken from people’s sheds behind their homes. So if you see unfamiliar cars driving really slowly, or people acting suspiciously, let us know.”

MPO Sabrina Ruck, the station’s crime prevention officer, had some further advice for the residents. “Make sure your doors and windows on your homes and cars are locked,” she said. “And don’t leave valuables like your wallet, computer, phone, etc., in your car.”

Ruck said home-surveillance systems are always helpful. But regardless, she told people to “just be alert. Know your neighbors and, if you trust them, let them know if you’ll be out of town, so they can keep an eye on your house and notice if anything is amiss.”

She also said residents may contact her to come out and conduct a free security survey of their homes. Her email is And for more information about crime in their community, they can go to where Fairfax County police report their crime data. Just click on the icons to learn more about the incident type and click on “filter” to choose a date range.

For information on any registered sex offenders in their neighborhood, they may check that box on the filter. Then they can click the links to learn each offender’s charges.

News and information updates are available on the police department’s blog, The police station’s non-emergency number is 703-691-2131.