Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Help Prevent War

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Help Prevent War

So often I hear people say, “There is nothing I can do to work for a safer, more just world.”

In recent days we have witnessed the frightening deadly increase in hostilities between Iran and the United States.

There is something important you can do.

Over the last two years,I have heard from legislative staff that our legislators do not hear from many constituents weighing in on Foreign Policy.

Now you have an opportunity to do something to help prevent war with Iran.

Contact your US representative to support H.R. 5543, a bill to immediately defund military action in Iran. The Trump Administration can't make war without funding. Congress must retake its constitutional duty to decide when we go to war.

Don't know how to contact your Representative? Learn how here: https://www.usa.gov/elected-officials. It’s easy to write or call.

Make a difference. Speak out to your Representative.

Katherine Cole