Jeffrey McKay to Head VACo

Jeffrey McKay to Head VACo

Fairfax County board chairman elected president of statewide organization representing interests of Virginia’s 95 counties

Jeffrey McKay, Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, was elected to serve as 2021 President of the Virginia Association of Counties (VACo). VACo is a statewide group that advocates with the state legislature for the interests of the Commonwealth’s 95 counties.

In a speech delivered to members this morning, Chairman McKay noted the importance of VACo during his career on the Fairfax County Board.

“I’m honored to serve as the next President of the Virginia Association of Counties. Throughout my many years with VACo, I have always considered us to be a large family,” McKay said. “I treasure the many relationships I have built with my colleagues throughout Virginia. VACo is a great way to bring us all together to advance our communities.”

Over the last several years, McKay has led efforts with VACo to dramatically increase state education funding, transportation funding, and ensure the perspective of counties — the level of leadership that is closest to the community — is heard statewide.

For the upcoming year, McKay noted that he wants to lead VACo with the same equity lens that drives Fairfax County.

“As a kid riding my bike with friends, I didn’t realize what this meant, but I saw firsthand that where you come from was an important factor for your future success and livelihood. When I got older, I understood that this was wrong,” McKay said. “This was a driving force behind my decision to begin a career in local government and an inspiration behind the One Fairfax equity policy that I introduced in 2017. This policy has become central to all decision making in Fairfax County by requiring us to look at all policies through a lens of equity. I want to apply that same lens toward our statewide efforts, so that all areas of the Commonwealth can grow and prosper together. We really are all in this together and our state can’t advance if all of our counties aren’t.”

Chairman McKay began his tenure as president Nov. 11.