Opinion: Letter to the Editor: A Word About Sign-Stealing

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: A Word About Sign-Stealing

Complaints about Biden signs disappearing across Great Falls have been on the rise. I saw one on a front lawn that looked like someone had driven off the road to crush it. The owner replanted the sign and the next day someone stole it – and left a box of crushed beer cans in its place. And it’s not just Democrat signs, Republican signs have disappeared too. So here’s the message to the sign-stealers.

  1. It is disrespectful.

  2. When on private property, it is trespassing.

  3. It violates the First Amendment, which guarantees free speech.

  4. It is illegal and deemed a misdemeanor.

  5. It is theft. Signs cost money.

  6. It is a juvenile act that has no place in a democracy, no matter the political affiliation.

So to the sign-stealers: do you really want to be labeled as a thief who has little regard for our Constitution or democracy in which every voice deserves to be heard. Your thoughtlessness breeds incitement in an already polarized political climate on the eve of our election. As Americans all, we should expect better.

Eileen Curtis

Great Falls