Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Paid Sick Days: Necessary Benefit

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Paid Sick Days: Necessary Benefit

Your article on Sept. 10 highlighted the ongoing fight for a paid sick day standard for workers in Virginia. As a business owner in Alexandria, I view paid sick days as a necessary benefit for employers to provide to their employees.

I started my company with a $500 investment, and it has grown to the $10 million dollar company that it is today. Even when I was first starting out with nowhere near the revenue that I have now, I always offered insurance and benefits. I knew that I could not grow from “me” to “we” without thinking about how to attract great employees.

When you have employees that know you are investing in them with benefits like paid time off, they become more invested in your business and they want to do well. And great employees market your company for you and refer other great employees!

Paid sick days are important every year, but during this pandemic they are more important than ever. Many of us have the luxury of working from home during this health crisis, but there are many workers who don’t have that option. All workers deserve paid time off so that they stay home if they are sick.

I have encouraged our employees to take care of themselves during this pandemic. We all have to do our part in keeping our community safe and healthy, and that means all business owners.

LaJuanna Russell


LaJuanna Russell is the CEO and President of Business Management Associates, Inc. based in Alexandria, VA. She is also the Chair of the Small Business Majority, an organization that advocates for small business issues at the federal, state, and local government levels.