Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Unlisted and Out of Touch

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Unlisted and Out of Touch

Recently a burglary occurred in the Fort Hunt area, and the Fairfax County Police activated their Incident Alert System which delivered pre-recorded phone calls advising residents to lock their doors and shelter in place. My neighbors received those calls. We did not, so there we were out haplessly walking the dog while the bad guys were on the loose.

Intrigued why we were not advised, I called the police and was told it was because we have an unlisted number. This is ironic given that everyone from home remodeling companies to charities seem to have my number yet I can’t get the call I do want and need a call from local authorities offering urgent guidance. Granted many of the commercial phone solicitors dial randomly — though not all — and by chance they get through, but there must be a work-around for the Fairfax County Police to reach affected residents with unlisted numbers when needed. There are a lot of us. What if I were involved in an accident and the police needed to contact my wife at home? They don’t have access to my number?

Bob Dane

Fort Hunt