Adventure Awaits: Experience Magic with Arts in Fairfax City

Adventure Awaits: Experience Magic with Arts in Fairfax City


Jessica Kallista

Connect with deeper meaning and adventurous explorers at a special, yet temporary outdoor experience to be unveiled on March 21. It is the month-long installation of a “Shrine” in the City of Fairfax.

“Shrine” is the creation of Jessica Kallista, local artist and owner of the City of Fairfax alternative arts space Olly Olly. Kallista is known for her collage, video, sound, and performance artistic work. She is a also a member of the George Mason University arts faculty

The special temporary art installation created by Kallista will be part of a D.C. area-wide public art installation project from The Arcanists, They are an artists collective known for producing inventive interactive experiences. Kallista’s “Shrine” will be one of six artistic installations.

Kallista described her yet-to-be-unveiled creation as “a celebration of and connection with an art-filled existence.” Her installation is also about individual and community self-care. “Visitors can expect to take on the role of ‘Explorers’ which allows them the immersive and interactive experience of discovering the curious and wondrous space and place created by the ‘Shrine.’”

Where and When. Installation of public art work, “Shrine” designed by Jessica Kallista as part of D.C. region-wide works by The Arcanists. To be located at The Shoppes of Main Street, 10409 Main Street, Fairfax, March 21 to April 25, 2021. Free admission. Designed for COVID safety and accessibility. Masks required for visitors. For detailed guidance and Information, visit