Poems for the 2022 Childrens Edition

Poems for the 2022 Childrens Edition




Dreams are like

A translucent platform of a winding staircase 

It’s there, only but a possibility in my life 

It’s there, but so far away and hard to reach

My heart draws tight with worry

But for my wishes to turn into reality 

I know 

Even if I had to take a million steps

Then so be it 

I’ll just take a step 

Or two

Or three

Or More


By Sarah Shin, an 11-year-old 6th grader at Sangster Elementary School in Springfield.

Winter Twilight

By Alex Cho

A single star shined bright

On the smooth newly-laid snow

A pristine white so clear and pure

In the crisp nightly glow

A lustrous shine in age-old cold

Soothing nature with its gentle hug

Beauty apparent in its tender ease

Filling the silence of whispering dreams

Walking upon the snowy hill

Feeling solitude oh so profound

Peace so deep within my soul

Memories drift on an endless breeze

Before the stars leave the skies

I peer into the glistening twilight

Where all the heavens seem to gleam

In the icy air of winter


 Water Glows Under The Moon


Moon covers the sun

Water rushing

The ocean glowing

Night Approaching

Yellow and Red fades to black

Darkness Clouding the sky

Stars appear

The world falls silent

But this silence is one that is replaced by the sweet sounds of the ocean

 Water reacts to the glowing sphere

 Ocean burns blue

 Trees sing a song in unison

Eyes like cameras flash with life

Unreal this feels

Unreal this seems

Once in a lifetime you get to see the moon beam.

How could the Ocean glow so bright?

How does the ocean deepen as you walk through this endless path?

How do the waves never fail to crash in a way that calms me?

My toes sink into the sand

water runs back and forth

Waves bigger than you can Fathom

The water engulfs me

I am dry but

The water engulfs me

Present but

The water engulfs me

Ava McCarley Bowie, MD 7th Grade Ms. Gerber

Water Still



afternoon sun with

Clear skies

Clear water


Kids play catch

Shade under the generous trees and huts and

Water rushing

And angry waves crashing and 

Birds chirping.


Reggae plays proudly

in the background

There is a shine

 in the smile of this moment

The laughing from the daughter

who’s father picked her up,

tossed her in the air,

and caught her.

Water, why are you so clear?

Bird, why do you sing?

Daughter, what if he didn’t catch you?

Will he catch you the next time?

The water takes me under

The music

ashamed while I am under water

It is quiet

I swim back up and the water is still clear

the daughter is still laughing

and the birds are still chirping

Still chirping


Divyaa Srikanth, Springfield, VA, 7th Grade, Ms. Gerber

I watch as the sunrise slowly approaches in the sky

Subtle ocean waves crashing

I hear the sound of Spanish speakers conversing outside

The wind sways in the morning air

As the beach starts gaining more and more individuals

I hear the morning birds chirping

I look out my hotel deck window

And see the clear skies

The waves crashing onto shore

So many people are enjoying the fresh air.

As I walk outside, I see the clear sky

The trees sway and dance

The sound of waves crashing onto my feet

Crash, crash, crash

My ears fill with the uplifting Caribbean music,

Kids yelling,

And the colorful birds chirping

The waterfall slowly spilling into the mini pool.

Oh, Puerto Rico, why do you rain so much?

Oh, Puerto Rico, why does it get so dark here?

I wonder as I stare into the Puerto Rican abyss.

The rain hitting my head

Like a drum

The rain hitting my head

As I walk outside

The rain hitting my head

As I continue to sit on the deck enjoying the Puerto Rican galore.

Kayla Bridges, Alexandria, 7th Grade, Ms. Gerber, Puerto Rico

Thumps of Water Amid Fields of Gold

By Sam Biggins, Alexandria, 7th Grade, Ms. Gerber


Why do the waves move so predictably?

A thump on the side of the ship,

A slow simple rock of the ship,

Thump, one… two… thump,

The field of reeds is gold in the sunset,

The sun and field so well met upon the eye,

I lean on a rail that holds me still,

Thump, one… two… thump,

I channel out the sounds of the dinner not yet done,

I had but a few bites of my meal,

It still waits upon my tongue,

Amid my annoyance,

The sun is going,

Further away every time,

Every time I look away,

Another inch disappears,

The last birds stop their songs,

They seem done with their mission,

Or perhaps just tired,

Do you think the things of nature tire,

Not of energy,

But the monotony of life?

Do they wish to run away and do something else?

My time to enjoy the world is over,

The sun has almost completely left,

Soon my thoughts will have no light for company,

And I have lived in my mind for long enough to know that isn’t wise.