Letter: Make Indigenous Peoples Day a Federal Holiday

Letter: Make Indigenous Peoples Day a Federal Holiday

To the editor:

With white supremacy, extreme and dangerous nationalism, and

domestic terrorism running rampant, now is the perfect time to send a

message about who Americans really are and pass the long overdue HR 5473

& SR 2919 to make Indigenous Peoples’ Day a Federal Holiday to replace

the gross, outdated, and ill-advised Columbus Day.

Rep. Beyer, Sen. Kaine and Sen. Warner have chosen to put themselves

into a position of leadership. I urge them to lead. Do they want to be

remembered as a patsy who cowered in the corner when America needed

heroes--or are they going to step up and reclaim our democracy, our

values, and our common decency from the evil working to overtake what’s

best about our nation? 

We need to send a message to our people and the world letting them know

we are working hard to be the good guys again.

I urge my representatives to pass these two bills.

Nikki Enfield