Build Complete Bike Path along Beulah Road

Build Complete Bike Path along Beulah Road

Dear Editor,

I would like to see you address the following topic in a upcoming

addition of your newspaper. I believe Vienna needs better bike paths,

particularly on Beulah Road. Beulah is the access road to many family

neighborhoods. As a middle schooler, I would like to bike more places,

but to access those places I need to use Beulah Road.

Beulah is too narrow for kids to safely ride on the road itself.

The sidewalks are narrow and for foot traffic, so it is dangerous to

ride on them. Sometimes there isn't even a sidewalk to begin with. The

bike lanes are few and far between and pretty narrow. The biggest issue

is that the bike paths that are there are not connected. When a bike

lane ends, you need to dangerously cross the road with no crosswalk or

just hug the curb of a very busy road.

I would like to see the Town of Vienna or Fairfax County build a

complete, connected bike path along Beulah Road. Thank you for reading

my letter.

Aaron Angove

Kilmer Middle School, 12 years old, 7th grade