Inspired in Potomac

Inspired in Potomac


Earlier today I sat down with a man who worked with an

organization involving the inspiration of Dorthy Day that preaches non

violence while helping those in need. This discussion was very

informative and enlightening as I learned more about the process of

aiding those who suffer from homelessness while using non violent

methods to accomplish one’s goal. One main point that stood out to me

was the fact that some of these people who suffer from homelessness also

suffer from mental illnesses and don’t have the resources or

capabilities to survive on their own. Through my everyday life I have

seen or encountered some of these people who are in need of assistance

and believe that Montgomery County could direct whatever resources they

can towards funding potential institutions that could act as not only a

shelter, but also a place that can provide the care and compassion

people with mental illnesses need. Just because one may be suffering

from homelessness or mental illnesses, it doesn’t mean that they still

don’t deserve human dignity. Our area is on the wealthier side of

society which means we have the resources and ability to help those in

need. It’s just a matter of if we act on our ability and opportunity

given to us to help those around us.