Screened in Porches in Vienna

Screened in Porches in Vienna

To the editor:

Thank you, the town of Vienna. I was really pleased that you offered residents a chance to participate in CODE CREATE. CODE CREATE was an organization trying to simplify and reorganize the zoning laws of Vienna. With their help we changed the zoning laws of patios and porches and made it possible for home owners to add a screened in porch over their patio.

When I spoke at town council there were 5 options and I was so happy when the final vote happened and the council picked option B which gives residents the ability to put a roof over up to 400 square feet of a deck under the following conditions:

* Covered decks must be single-story and cannot be converted into

conditioned, interior living space;

* Covered decks cannot be located in the front yard; and

* Covered decks must provide for stormwater management practices in

accordance with the Stormwater Manual for Outdoor Living Areas and meet all criteria included in the manual.

Now we are working on building out our deck and I am excited to be able

to sit outside without any bugs.

I am an 8th grader and I was among the group of people who spoke at mor than one council meeting and it was really interesting to follow the process. I learned alot about city government and I encourage other young people to get involved in issues impacting them.

Todd Landwehr

Flint Hill School, 13, 8th grade