Gonzaga Letter

Gonzaga Letter

This morning I had the privilege of listening to a Gonzaga

alum. During this talk, I better understood my privilege and started

thinking of ways I can put my words into action after leaving Gonzaga.

Being based in the middle of D.C, Gonzaga teaches us how to advocate for

others and learn about local issues such as homelessness and poverty. My

school has taught me ways to attack injustices within our society and is

further helping me continue to attack injustices by having Gonzaga

alumni speak to us. Going back to the conversation I had with the alum,

I had many things to take away from this experience. In my opinion, the

most important part of his talk was teaching us how to keep challenging

yourself even when no one’s looking. We’re all caught up in service and

learning God’s Grace because we’re at school but how easy is it to keep

it up once leaving Gonzaga. Pushing myself to continue to advocate for

the homeless, past graduation, is one idea I challenge myself to doing.

The speaker also touched on ways to start service rather than just

attending service. That also stuck with me because it gave me a broader

perspective on how to attack injustices around my area. This also can

help with leadership roles within my community and, in hope, will carry

on to others so they can do the same. After thinking about my time at

Gonzaga, many things started as a domino effect. My goal is to start

projects to help my community in hopes that other people will piggy back

off my ideas and start their own service projects. I hope to use this

domino effect for the rest of my life in hopes to bring our society

closer together.