‘He’s Always One of the First to Volunteer’ in the Sully District

‘He’s Always One of the First to Volunteer’ in the Sully District

PFC Viar feted as Sully’s Officer of the Quarter.

Capt. Rachel Levy honoring PFC Henry Viar.

Capt. Rachel Levy honoring PFC Henry Viar.

PFC Henry Viar was selected as the Sully District Police Station’s Officer of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2022. He was honored at a recent meeting of the station’s Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC).  

In his letter nominating Viar, Sgt. Dave Popik stressed that this nomination wasn’t based on a single case but “an entire body of work” over the past year. “PFC Viar is a high-performing officer who was one of many officers to lead the station in incident reports and arrests – specifically, DWI arrests – and traffic citations,” wrote Popik.

Throughout last summer, Viar volunteered to help with [potential evidence] recovery efforts at a landfill and was there for the entire duration of the event. And, said Popik, “After picking through the trash in the summer heat, he came back with the same enthusiasm he had when he left on the assignment.”  

Then on Oct. 5, 2022, Viar was recognized by a Mobile Crisis clinician, who “took the time to write an email expressing appreciation for his impeccable service,” said Popik. “Viar assisted Mobile Crisis with an in-home visit with a combative patient. The clinician wrote, in part, ‘Thank you for guiding me to safety and, most of all, for being so supportive.’”

A week later, on Oct. 12, 2022, Viar overheard a dispatched call involving a suspicious vehicle in the Fair Oaks District. Based on the vehicle description, he believed the car was involved in catalytic-converter thefts. So Viar responded to that area as the vehicle was leaving the neighborhood. 

“He was involved in a high-risk stop [of that vehicle], which ultimately identified multiple suspects and helped close out several cases being worked on throughout Fairfax County,” wrote Popik. “Lt. Bryant from the Franconia Criminal Investigations Division sent an email to Viar and his supervisors expressing his appreciation for helping to close these cases.” 

In addition, Popik said Viar has maintained a positive attitude and “is always one of the first to volunteer for assignments. It has been a pleasure to have him on the midnight squad, and it is my pleasure to nominate him for the Officer of the Quarter.”

Reading Popik’s nomination letter aloud during the CAC meeting, Capt. Rachel Levy, Sully District Station commander, then presented a certificate to Viar and thanked him “for all the hard work you do every day for the Sully District and the citizens of Fairfax County.”