Feed Hungry Children in Alexandria

Feed Hungry Children in Alexandria

ALIVE! resumes food donations

ALIVE! community food donations resume after COVID.

ALIVE! community food donations resume after COVID.

ALIVE! resumes its food collection from the community. While the warehouse was open and food distribution continued during COVID, they didn’t accept individual donations to limit exposure.

Food donations are now accepted at the food warehouse at 801 S. Payne Street on Thursday from 3 p.m.-7 p.m. and on Saturday from 9 a.m.-noon. Food may also be dropped off by appointment. Call 703-837-9300 or email info@alive-inc.org.

Donations must be from the current list of needed donations which can be found on the website at https://www.alive-inc.org/. Lauren Poon, ALIVE! development and communications manager says at this time of the year, fruit cups, juice boxes, small cereal packages and granola bars are more seasonally important because of their supplemental kids’ program. “We distribute kids bags of food this summer that include breakfast, lunch and healthy snack foods thanks to a grant from No Kids Hungry.”

Poon adds the majority of food is purchased with continued CARES funding ($750,000 received in 2021) from the City of Alexandria for the Food Program to purchase and distribute food to City residents facing financial hardship and families and individuals quarantined because of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. “Food donations from the community help us get high demand items and fresh foods that are hard to buy in bulk.”

She says although some goods like rice were affected by COVID which delayed delivery, ALIVE!’s strategy of buying in bulk when it was available allowed them to avoid food shortages.

Donated food is distributed at the weekend sites and neighborhood pop-ups to 4,000 families a month including 8,000 children.



canned fruits and vegetables

fruit or vegetable juice


fruit cups


Brown or wild rice



Oatmeal and cereal

Pasta and Pasta Sauce

Wheat or multigrain crackers

Granola bars


canned or dried beans & peas

canned beef stew, chili, bean soup

peanut butter


Liquid shelf stable milk

Canola, olive and vegetable oil