Fairfax's Days of Thunder

Fairfax's Days of Thunder

Cub Scouts compete in pinewood derby.

For a moment, it was quiet. The boys held their breath as the cars zipped down the racetrack, their heads following each flash of color that was there one second, gone the next. At the finish line, the boys cheered as the winner looked around in disbelief. He had won, and if his wheels stay on for the rest of the day, his derby car might make it to the district race at Fair City Mall.

Cub Scout Pack 882 of Fairfax City had its annual pinewood derby race Saturday, as dozens of Cub Scouts competed for the chance to race at the district level at Fair City Mall on Feb. 22. By the end of the day, the Scouts, who were given blocks of pinewood to design, carve and paint, all received recognition for a job well done.

"You get total pack participation," said pack committee chairman Roland W. Cyr, explaining the involvement of parents and siblings in the racing and the making of cars. "It's a family thing, and they all have a good time."

Fifth-grader Jennifer Clark was at the race with her brother, Kevin, a fourth-grader at Daniels Run Elementary. Kevin is a Scout and named his car "Black Five." Jennifer made her own car, too, named "Demon." To make it go fast, she determined the shape of the car. Then she decided how to make it look good.

"It's fun, and I'm interested in doing arts," Jennifer said.

The car made by Cub Scout and Daniels Run sixth-grader Owen Cyr won second place last year at the district race. The year before, his car won third place.

"I was just really happy," Owen said. As for a trick to winning, Owen suggested, "Getting the wheels on straight is a key part in putting together your pinewood derby cars."