Rosemont Celebrates the Fourth of July

Rosemont Celebrates the Fourth of July

Editor's Note: The following article was written by Rosemont residents, Leigh Rossi (7th grader at George Washington Middle School) and Maggie Carragher (8th grader at George Washington Middle School).

The 2003 Rosemont Fourth of July Picnic was a great success. Although it was very hot, lots of people came out to celebrate the Red, White, and Blue. Hot dogs and hamburgers sizzled on the grill, and cotton candy and snow cones left stained faces all around.

The annual pet parade kicked off this holiday event. The participants brought in various breeds of dogs and showed the judge, Marvin Heinz, what their pets could do.

All the dogs in the parade did very well, and these were the winners: Josie, best poodle; Sunny, most attentive dog; Drew (whose owner painted an American flag on his white coat), most patriotic; Poquito, best small dog; Miss Piglet Junior, most glitter; Walnut and Chessie (Basset Hound siblings), won, most energy and best flag carrier respectively; and Katie (who barked while waiting under the presentation stage), noisiest dog.

"Poquito actually walked this time," said dog handler Caroline VanZoern, about her miniature Doberman.

MORE THAN 40 children entered the bike decorating contest. The judges, Jill Eichner and Beth Tuttle, had to go get more ribbons three times. Here are the names of just a few of the entrants: Julianna Langhorn, most patriotic; Allison Sullivan, best flag carrier; Chloe Marsh, best effort; Philip Ainey, cutest bike; Lily Clausen, best Stroller; Jack Rossi, biggest balloon on a bike; Emily Veilette, most Creative; and Susie Burns, most beautiful bike. After the bike parade, the children raced over to board the City of Alexandria fire truck.

The Baby Contest was judged by Ann Corson and Bill Schultze. Bill, who every baby loves, had his hands full all day. Some of the winners included: Graham Neeve, most beautiful blond curls; Vemis Zile, most fascinating red dead; Sophie Moniz, pride of Rosemont; Dominic Lowe, most squeezable cheeks; Katie Duffett, rosiest complexion; Griffin Harris, most beautiful physique; Lily Clausen, biggest blue eyes; Iain Schlegel, Heisman Trophy Winner 2024; Gabriel Hendi, best natured boy; Finn Cousins, most patriotic boy; Lucy Hendricks, most dazzling wink & smile; Alexandra Kelly, most refined baby; Luke Depeyrot, most kissable mouth; Sophie Maginnis, creamiest complexion; Alison Whitney, most intelligent gaze; Alison Sullivan, most beautiful legs; Keene Cornick, wonderful disposition; Sam Grau, most agile; Megan Fuller, most beautiful smile; Luke Remy, most beautiful brown eyes; Sophie Macomber, most silky hair; and Liam & Mary Kate Hayes, most beautiful twins.

AFTER THE CONTESTS came the games and races. The sack races were all very close. The three-legged race left a few people with rope burns on their bare ankles. More than 10 teams participated in the egg toss. Everyone wondered if some of the eggs were hard-boiled. In the end, there was a huge egg fight and everyone went home sticky, but happy.

Mayor William Euille, Vice Mayor Del Pepper and Virginia Del. Marion Van Landingham were on hand for the festivities. Judge Flaherty gave a speech and the Boy Scouts presented the flags and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Betty Murphy led picnic-goers in a rendition of the National Anthem and other patriotic songs.