HHS Robotics Team Competes

HHS Robotics Team Competes

Approximately 20,000 high-school and middle-school students are scheduled to gather in Atlanta for the FIRST Robotics Championship April 21.

Among those competing is Herndon High School's Team "Epsilon Delta," comprised of six students. In the weeks leading up to the competition the students and team mentors were finishing up last touches to the group's robot to make sure it was ready for the first annual FIRST Vex Challenge.

RadioShack and FIRST — a nonprofit organization that motivates young people to pursue opportunities in science, technology and engineering — joined to present the challenge.

A mid-level competition that offers students the traditional challenge of the First Robotics Challenge, RadioShack and FIRST believe the introduction of Vex will help make the competition a fun way to learn important science and engineering lessons.

In addition they hope to make the challenge more accessible and affordable so students from across the country can reverse current trends and pursue opportunities in those fields.

The competition will be held with 50 teams from around the world and will help FIRST achieve its vision to provide young people the opportunity to experience the power, excitement, and fun of science, technology, engineering and math.