Scouts Earn Their Religious Medal Awards

Scouts Earn Their Religious Medal Awards

Some 30 Scouts were awarded their Religious Medals at the annual Scout Sunday Mass at St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church in Clifton on Sunday, March 12. The mass is for all Girl, Cub, and Boy Scouts, as well as leaders and families that support them.

This yearly mass is to recognize the scouts' achievements to learning and practicing their faith to God, country, community, Parish, school and family. It is also for publicly recognizing the Scouts that have completed their religious medal program.

ALL SCOUTS, leaders and families led a processional into church at the onset of the mass. There were approximately 200 seated in the reserved area of the church. Different levels of Girl, Cub and Boy Scouts in uniform led the readings, were altar servers, brought up the communion gifts, and assisted with collection baskets.

The Rev. Father Jerome Fasano led the Mass and prayers were made for all the Scouts and those in leadership roles. Those Scouts earning their medals received a blessing, handshake and medal along with a commemorative patch and Scout holy card from the Rev. Father Fasano.

St. Andrew has had a wonderful commitment to this program. This Mass has been an annual tradition held every year for the last 12 years. Just in the last six years from 2001 through 2006, some 118 Girl Scouts and 120 Boy Scouts have earned medals (238 combined).

The Rev. Father James Poumade, current Scout Chaplain at St. Andrew, reviews the completed booklets and journals of the Scouts, provides sanctuary tours and educational support as needed, and interviews the Cub Scouts to fulfill one of their requirements.

All Scouts have the opportunity to participate in the Religious Emblems Programs. There are different programs for every level of Scouting. Some of the programs are self study at home with the help of family members. The older Scout programs involve some self study and some facilitated group discussion led by an adult volunteer.

The Catholic Committee on Scouting Web site, which lists all of the programs, is

An additional Web site with other opportunities such as a rosary patch series can be found on the National Catholic Committee on Scouting Web site at

There are religious awards for all faiths; information can be found at