Five questions with T.C. Williams post Billy Rowland

Five questions with T.C. Williams post Billy Rowland


T.C. Williams post Billy Rowland.

<b>Q:</b> What do you like to do when you’re not playing basketball?

<b>A:</b> When I’m not playing basketball I’m normally hanging around the neighborhood [or] hanging around with my family, doing things together.

<b>Q:</b> What is the farthest you’ve traveled away from the Washington D.C.-metro area?

<b>A:</b> [For AAU basketball] we took a trip out to Cincinnati once. … We [the Titans] are taking a trip to Atlanta this weekend. It’s going to be very fun.

<b>Q:</b> You transferred from Bishop Ireton two years ago. What has the transition been like?

<b>A:</b> Private school is a lot different from public school. [T.C. Williams] is a lot bigger, definitely, because it’s the only public school in Alexandria. There are a lot of kids here. Private school is more compact — it’s not open to everybody else. … [T.C. Williams] is a very upscale school. It definitely has the credentials to be a private school — I would call this a private school, myself, because they put in a lot of work for the students.

<b>Q:</b> What is your favorite food?

<b>A:</b> Any type of meat, really. Chicken, hamburgers. Spaghetti, I really like spaghetti — that’s my favorite.

<b>Q:</b> Do you have any college plans?

<b>A:</b> I’m definitely looking to play ball in college. I really want to play [Division I] ball. … That’s my goal. I just want to go somewhere I would be accepted, everything would fit me right [and] I could get a scholarship.

— Jon Roetman