Electric Cars Get Jump-Start with New Law

Electric Cars Get Jump-Start with New Law

Legislation removes regulations to make electric vehicles a reality for families.

On Tuesday, July 12, Gov. Robert McDonnell (R) held a ceremonial signing of Del. David Bulova’s (D-37) House Bill 2105, a bi-partisan effort which removes barriers to clean-fuel technology and encourage electric vehicle charging stations.

“With gas prices hovering around four dollars a gallon, it is important to lay the foundation for providing our families with an alternative that takes advantage of energy produced right here in Virginia,” Bulova said after the ceremony. “Richmond needs to let small businesses innovate by eliminating unnecessary hurdles and by promoting these new technologies. This bill helps pave the way for Virginia to be a leader on electric vehicle technology.”

Before HB 2105, Virginia law only allowed public utilities to sell electricity. The new law eliminates that requirement, and allows businesses to engage in the retail sale of electricity for the purpose of vehicle-charging services.

“Opening up the door for electric vehicles will help families make their hard-earned money go farther, reduces our dependence on foreign oil, and help to regenerate our national auto industry,” Bulova said.

“It was a pretty neat event, “ Bulova said, adding that McDonnell signed another bill that requires a plan for converting the state vehicle fleet to clean-fuel technology. The ceremony also included representatives from the clean fuel industry to showcase information about their products.