Letter: Help Maintain Neglected Fields

Letter: Help Maintain Neglected Fields

To the Editor:

The following open letter is addressed to Montgomery Soccer, Inc.

Dear MSI Executive Director and Board Members:

This open letter is asking you to hold back and defer signing the sublease for the Brickyard Road School site. Should you sign this lease, you will be signing the death warrant for Nick’s Organic Farm, a unique and irreplaceable agricultural enterprise that cannot be replaced or relocated. Nick’s Organic Farm is the only farm in the region that provides organic and GMO-free seed stock including heritage seed varieties. As such, it is a “keystone” enterprise for the growing organic farming industry, and its loss will have wide and negative ramifications.

While we laud the work of MSI, particularly your Community Soccer program to bring soccer to underprivileged youth and continued financial support for the Maryland SoccerPlex, we ask that you reconsider going forward with the lease of the Brickyard site. Rather than spending millions plowing under the soil which has been husbanded for over 30 years by Nick Maravell, we ask that you consider spending your funds on a better “public/private partnership” — funding the rehabilitation and maintenance of some of the most badly neglected playing fields belonging to our schools and parks.

Margaret Dennis, President

Montgomery County Civic Federation