Letter: Supporting Merkel for Mayor

Letter: Supporting Merkel for Mayor

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I am proud to support Lisa Merkel for Mayor of Herndon. Since Vice Mayor Merkel took office in 2010, she has succeeded in re-focusing the town away from the divisive issues of immigration and day labor, and put her energies where they needed to be: land use, economic development and budget.

On her watch, the downtown master plan and the metro area plan were passed. Business-friendly ordinances have been passed, such as a tax credit to new Herndon businesses and a sign ordinance which would relax limitations on Grand Opening signs. She has chaired a town branding initiative that will help market our town in a positive way beyond its boundaries. She had a Metro sign installed on Herndon Parkway, to attract prospective new businesses and residents.

She has helped to mend relationships between our town government and our Fairfax County representatives. On her watch, the Neighborhood Resource Center was taken over by the county, saving the town many thousands of dollars. She has led an effort to start studying an intra-town transit system, working with Supervisor Foust to garner his support for expanded Connector routes around Town.

Vice Mayor Merkel is not one to sit on her hands and wait for things to happen to the Town. She has the energy, experience and initiative to be pro-active and to insist that Herndon has a place at the table when it comes to regional planning. Vice Mayor Merkel has proven herself to be an effective leader, moving Herndon forward while respecting its heritage.

I enthusiastically support Lisa Merkel for Mayor.

Barbara Glakas