Letter: Comstock Politicizes Wounded Warrior Event

Letter: Comstock Politicizes Wounded Warrior Event

To the Editor:

As a Vietnam Era Veteran and one who has worked as a volunteer with veterans returning from deployments, I read with interest your Wednesday, Aug. 1 coverage of the Yellow Ribbon Fund picnic for wounded military personnel and their families. This was truly a wonderful event to show wounded warriors and their families that we honor their service and sacrifices made for our country. It was a time to welcome these heroes back into our community and increase awareness of their needs so we can all do more to support their integration into civilian life.

This was not a time for partisan campaigning. That is why I was surprised to see the picture in your paper including Delegate Barbara Comstock wearing a Romney for President T-shirt. This was not the appropriate message to convey to the veterans and family members at the event. I have attended a number of events where Delegate Comstock focuses on delivering an ideological message on her policy preferences and neglects to listen to her constituents. In the future, I hope Ms. Comstock will focus less on partisanship and more on policies that support our military and their families.

J. Jay Volkert