Letter: Aug. 29, 2012

Letter: Aug. 29, 2012

Voice for Education

— To the Editor:

For many years, Rob Krupicka has been a voice for education in Alexandria; it is time his voice is heard in Richmond as a delegate for the 45th. Voting on Sept. 4 will send him there.

Having known Rob for many years, both of our mothers have a strong commitment to education that has instilled in both of us a lifelong belief in the power of education and access to education.

During Rob’s tenure on council and the Virginia Board of Education, he has been a tireless advocate for students and innovations that increase the accessibility of education to all Virginians.

His voice on council will be missed and council will need a strong education advocate. Education is the most critical issue facing Alexandria and the Commonwealth. Will it continue to rest on our laurels and be out-competed by other states and nations, or will Virginia continue to lead the way as an innovator and example for others?

From Richmond, Rob will be advocating for education in our city and Virginia; it’s time Rob’s voice is heard in Richmond.

John Taylor Chapman

John Taylor Chapman is an educator and teacher-endorsed candidate for Alexandria City Council.