Letter: Taking Chances On ExpressLanes

Letter: Taking Chances On ExpressLanes

To The Editor:

The way the ExpressLanes system is set up at this time, there is no way that we can know the traffic conditions on Route 495 prior to entering the highway. This means that we must make an uninformed decision whether to use the ExpressLanes and pay the toll or take our chance taking the standard route. When one considers how technologically advanced we are in this area, one would think that having some informative signs prior to the entrances to Route 495 would be obvious. Without signs informing us what the traffic situation is on 495, we are left without a chance to make an informed decision. This is simply wrong. We buy products and services every day for which there is enough information available to us that we can make intelligent and informed decisions whether to buy the product or service. In the case of the ExpressLanes, we have no information to help us make a decision. We simply must take our chances and sometimes spend money unnecessarily. I urge all readers to voice their concern over this issue to VDOT and your local representatives.

Robert Cox