Combining Taste and Nutrition

Combining Taste and Nutrition

Potomac resident expands “Oat My Goodness.”

Shoreh Vojdani with daughter Yasaman.

Shoreh Vojdani with daughter Yasaman. Photo by Susan Belford.

— Potomac’s Shoreh Vojdani was amazed when her daughter’s friends at George Washington University wanted to purchase her home-made granola. For years, she had created her own, because she simply was not satisfied with commercial brands. She found them too sugary or containing too many processed foods, too greasy — or they just did not taste fresh. As a nutrition major in college, she loved to cook and had always searched for healthy ways to feed her children.

Five years ago, she decided to launch her granola business — and “Oat My Goodness” is the result of her dedication and hard work. She is in business with her daughter Yasaman, but receives input on flavors and ingredients from her son Arian who, according to Voldani is “incredibly good with flavors and extremely creative. He comes up with ingredients as well as the names for each granola.”

Her craft granolas are made from fresh ingredients that are purchased locally. Vojdani wants the ingredients to be unusual. “I want top quality — not basic and boring,” she said. Her “Vintage” Craft Granola is created from oats, sliced almonds, organic coconut, cashews, pecans, organic raisins, honey, dark brown sugar, olive oil, cinnamon and vanilla. “Witches Mix” is her “Autumn” Granola and consists of oats, coconut, sliced almonds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, semi-sweet chocolate chips, brown sugar, olive oil and pumpkin pie spice. “Sunrise” bursts with fresh fruit flavor — it contains oats, coconut, sliced almonds, macadamia nuts, sliced mango, honey, dark brown sugar, olive oil, coffee liqueur, coffee and fresh orange peel. She is currently in the process of developing a “Winter” flavor which should be out in a few weeks.

Currently, Vojdani is marketing through word-of-mouth and through local festivals. She would soon like to rent a commercial kitchen — and eventually open a store or restaurant in Bethesda or Potomac to sell a number of flavors. Her client list is growing weekly; she often delivers to as many as 50 – 60 homes a week. “I work at least eight hours a day mixing, baking or delivering,” she said. My daughter is marketing in New York City so that will be our next market. I also send orders to California and hope to expand across the U.S. through social networking.”

“My granola tastes wonderful when eaten by itself, but it is also good or with milk and fruit for breakfast in the morning. It is a very balanced food that makes a healthy snack — it is an excellent nutritional source,” she said.

“Oat My Goodness” Craft Granola can be purchase on-line at Each 8 oz. bag sells for $10.