Where Wishes Come True

Where Wishes Come True

The Wish List Project attracts more than 130 donors this year.

Bins filled the garage with the names of the shelter and families posted on the front.

Bins filled the garage with the names of the shelter and families posted on the front. Photo by Jennifer Benitz


Guests enjoy each other's company at the event late Saturday afternoon.

The Wish List Project proved to be a major success once again as friends, neighbors and community members came together to help make the wishes of 325 individuals, including 75 foster teenagers, come true. With over 130 donors this year, the project’s drop-off event was in full force as conversation, Christmas music and donations filled the Mahon home in Great Falls throughout the day on Saturday.

Beautifully wrapped gifts and red bins filled with donations adorned the Mahon’s garage and basement and large stockings with the names of each destination hung from the ceiling and walls for easy organization. Meanwhile, friends and neighbors took the time to enjoy each other’s company well into the afternoon as food and beverages were available in the kitchen and Great Falls resident Paul Konigsburg briefly played a few holiday favorites on his violin in the living room.


Paul Konnigsburg, a neighbor of the Mahons and a long-time Great Falls resident, entertained guests by playing some holiday favorites on his violin late Saturday afternoon.

“I’ll be happy when I know everything has been delivered to the shelters,” said Ginger Mahon, who spent time on Sunday making the final touches on the project.

Prior to pick-up, she went through the lists from each shelter to make sure everything was present and organized accordingly, as well as counting and distributing the donated gift cards to each family, individual and shelter as needed. With Christmas around the corner, directors from each destination then picked up the donations on Monday morning starting at 10 a.m.

“[Saturday] was everything and more than I was expecting,” said Ginger Mahon, founder and coordinator of the Wish List Project. “I am very happy—the response [was] overwhelming.”