Whitman Grad’s Paromi Tea Makes Its Mark

Whitman Grad’s Paromi Tea Makes Its Mark

Paul Rosen loved the taste of "bush tea" from the U.S. Virgin Islands where he grew up — tea that was created from the herbs and flowers native to the environment. When he returned as a teenager to the Bethesda, he was unable to find teas with the "fresh as the day it was picked" aroma and taste that he desired. Because of his passion to satisfying this tea craving, he was inspired to research hundreds of varieties of tea — and to launch his own tea company, Paromi Tea.

Rosen explained the name "Paromi:" "We were looking for a name that would do justice to our process and the finished product. Captured in the name are the qualities that set us apart. P stands for purity. We have carefully selected the ingredients which are meticulously blended in small batches. AROM stands for the aroma which is luxurious and fragrant, with character and body harmoniously balanced. The I is for Inspiration — an exceptional, total sensory tea experience which offers a playground for your senses."

After graduating from Walt Whitman High School, Rosen went to the University of Arizona. While in Tucson, he discovered a Chinese tea house and began studying with the Chinese tea master. He found her because he was searching for a restaurant or tea-house which served full-leaf teas. After tasting her tea, he began spending as many as five days a week there, learning everything he could about the tea process.

Four years ago, Rosen launched his natural and organic tea company because he had never been able to find the type of tea he loved on store shelves, in restaurants — or anywhere in the U.S. He traveled to China, and, after consulting with many herbalists and master tea makers, hired two for his company. He located a company to produce biodegradable tea bags, package the tea and put it in air-tight jars. Then he began telling the mid-Atlantic about his new, delectable product.

Two years ago, his brother Gregg joined the company. Together they have worked night and day to promote their tea — and they are building a network of dedicated repeat customers. Paromi Tea is now on the shelves of Whole Foods, Roots Markets and Fresh Markets. It is being served in Persimmon and Wild Tomato Restaurants.

"Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world," Paul Rosen said. "Our teas are quite different and unique from any other teas on the market. They come from around the world — China, India, Argentina and South Africa, just to name a few. The whole-leaf difference plays an important role in how they taste and the health benefits they deliver. Tea particles packaged in bleached paper bags cannot produce the complex, nuanced flavors and aromas of whole leave leaves.

"Our teas are accented with fruits, spices, herbs, flowers and essential oils. At Paromi Tea, we believe blending is an art. Our herbalist and master tea blenders skillfully pair the loose teas with premium fruits, spices, herbs, flowers and essential oils. Every tea blend is carefully crafted to achieve the ideal balance of flavors and aromas."

Paromi Tea bags are biodegradable, 100 percent natural and contain no bleached paper, glue, staples or strings to taint the brew. The bags are large, transparent and pre-portioned. The protective glass jars keep the tea fresh and fragrant.

Paromi teas come in a variety of original flavors as well as the classics. The black, green, oolong, rooibos and yerba mate tea flavors include Coconut Almond, Lemon Ginger, Mint Green, Chocolate Orange, Cinnamon Chai, Chamomile Lavender and Earl Grey.

Paromi Teas can be purchased on-line or in the aforementioned grocery stores. For more information or to place an order, call 877-727-6648 or go to www.paromi.com.