Letter: Fame Rather Than Shame

Letter: Fame Rather Than Shame

— To the Editor:

The following letter was addressed to Doug Schuessler, executive director, MSI.

I am writing to you today to express my utter dismay and frustration about MSI and its plan to establish a pay-to-play soccer complex on the location of Nick’s Organic Farm. While I am a strong supporter of soccer — my own kids used to play soccer with MSI — it galls me that MSI plans to destroy this pristine piece of land that is so unique in our region, or for that matter, much beyond this region. We are so fortunate to have in our county a well-established organic farm that is also an organic seed producer, a very popular and much needed educational center for school children and a learning place for future farmers all rolled into one. This makes it difficult to comprehend how somebody could fail to grasp the enormity of its pending destruction.

Now, when I hear “MSI” mentioned, it immediately evokes negative feelings and resentment in me. When I see MSI stickers on cars, I get angry and upset. I have never felt that way before — quite to the contrary.

Sports and nutrition both have their place in our pursuit of good health but we don’t have to rob Peter to pay Paul. There is no reason that MSI could not find another suitable location and show respect for the overwhelming and well-documented feeling in the population that Nick’s farm and the wonderful educational center thereon must continue to exist.

I appeal to your morality and sense of good citizenship to save this unique place from destruction. You would do good for your community and do good for yourself as an organization. It would create a legacy of fame rather than shame.

Sabine Dohrn