Alexandria School Board To Get Seven New Members

One School Board incumbent ousted as voters select new direction for school system.

Election Day is in November.

Election Day is in November. Photo by Michael Lee Pope.

School Board Election, District A

  • Stephanie Amann Kapsis 11,261 votes

  • Karen Graf 9,336 votes

  • Bill Campbell 8,265 votes

Helen Morris 7,607 votes

Joyce Rawlings 5,176 votes

Heath Wells 3,795 votes

  • winning candidates

School Board Election, District B

  • Kelly Carmichael Booz 10,288 votes

  • Justin Keating 8,204 votes

  • Marc Williams 8,116 votes

Michael Brookbank 6,680 votes

Chyrell Bucksell 5,930 votes

  • winning candidates

School Board Election, District C

  • Pat Hennig 10,203 votes

  • Christopher Lewis 9,921 votes

  • Ronnie Campbell 9,248 votes

  • winning candidates

The past few years have been some of the most turbulent in the history of Alexandria City Public Schools, which was blasted in a recent audit as having a budget office with a “dysfunctional environment.” Vice Mayor Kerry Donley even called for Superintendent Morton Sherman to step down, although the school chief stuck around and remains defiant in the face of criticism.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that six incumbents decided against seeking reelection. Only three incumbents decided to seek another term, and one of those — Helen Morris — failed to gain enough support from voters.

“The votes didn’t turn out for me this time,” Morris said in a written statement. “So I will proudly support our children, families and schools as a citizen and mom.”

When the new School Board convenes next year, it will have only two returning members and seven new members