Letter: Much Still To Be Done

Letter: Much Still To Be Done

— To the Editor:

There is no doubt that the Mount Vernon Gazette is a valuable resource for this community.

The Rising Hope Mission request for school supplies and backpacks (August 9, 2012) was responded to by a total of 25 different persons, churches and organizations. We ultimately were able to serve 377 children who attend 20 schools in this area, from ages 5 years to 19 years old. The children, their parents and guardians were extremely humble and thankful for the gifts. I sincerely thank the Gazette for publishing our plight on the front page and thanks to Ed Simmons for his unique turn of phrase in writing the article.

As our community becomes more diverse and resources become scarcer, many local agencies, missions and churches seek to fulfill human needs along the burgeoning Route 1 corridor. Rising Hope Mission daily feeds, clothes and nurtures many who come to our door. Adequate food to feed the hungry, financial resources to operate our facility and human resources to implement programs are ever in need. We at Rising Hope are doing our best. Anyone wishing to help with food, clothing, financial support and volunteering will be welcomed and guided by our director of missions.

Sula S. Tyler

Minister of Children & Youth

Rising Hope Mission Church