Reviewing Seasonal Energy-Saving Tips

Reviewing Seasonal Energy-Saving Tips

The Sklar home on North Ivy Street in Arlington.

The Sklar home on North Ivy Street in Arlington. Photo by Louise Krafft.

— Environment Virginia, U.S. Rep. Jim Moran and the BlueGreen Alliance offered springtime energy-saving tips during a tour at Scott Sklar’s super-efficient home in North Arlington on Thursday morning, March 28. The Sklar home contains R-38 insulation and thermal barrier paint in the attic, CFLs and LEDs in every lighting fixture, EnergyStar appliance, solar water heater, geothermal heat pump, solar photovoltaic’s systems, double pane argon-filled low-e windows, rain barrels, low-flow toilets and a composting pile for starters. Environment Virginia energy associate Meredith Epstein suggests installing ceiling fans, covering windows with drapes, blinds or awnings to reduce summer-time heat, clean and maintain air-conditioners, use efficient lighting and seal air leaks in homes.