Herndon Cadets Host the 2013 Captain Blakeman Meet


Cadet Lana Truese receives feedback from US Marines on her platoon's performance during the “Inspection” platoon drill.

Herndon High's Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) hosted 10 other schools Saturday, April 27, to a drill meet designed for first year (NS-1) cadets to demonstrate their learning from older cadets in their programs. Under the watchful eyes of US Marines from HMX-1 (Marine Helicopter Squadron One), the new cadets performed platoon drills in Armed Standard, Unarmed Standard, Color Guard, and Inspection, and they also enjoyed an individual drill event. c/Lieutenant Commander Sean Sullivan and the senior staff coordinated and led the meet, which proved to be a positive learning opportunity for all. Coached by senior Chief John Maness, USN Ret., c/Lieutenant Lauren Truese, and varsity Drill Team members, the first year Herndon cadets earned second place in Color Guard, commanded by c/Petty Officer Third Class Allison Maxwell, and third in Inspection, led by c/Seaman Lana Truese. These victories, combined with their other scores, earned the team a fourth place in overall standing. Herndon's c/Seaman Sean Hagerup also medaled in the fun, individual drill event called Knockout, in which approximately 150 cadets attempted to maintain their bearing while US Marines walked among their ranks and shouted commands, some intended solely to invite error.


Cadet Ian Herring responds to questions posed by a US Marine judge.

The annual meet is held in honor of the Herndon NJROTC's 1983 founder, Captain Fred Blakeman. During his tenure, the unit earned its first invitation to the Navy National Drill and Field Meet and was recognized for superior performance multiple times. The Captain Blakeman Meet is now


The Color Guard executes its program with precision. Pictured, from left, are Cadet Sergio Miranda, Cadet Allison Maxwell, Cadet Diego Flores and Cadet Ian Herring.

considered the culminating event of months of hard work learning military precision, discipline and leadership. It's also an excellent opportunity for the new cadets to prove that they're ready to take on more responsibility in the coming school year.

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The NS-1 Drill Team celebrates its victories.